Casino Slot Machine with a Sumo Theme

A Review of the Slot Machine Called Sumo Sumo

Sumo is the ultimate embodiment of the phrase “larger than life.” The Sumo Sumo slot game by ELK Studios capitalizes on the fact that sumo, the legendary Japanese fighting sport, is the largest combat sport in the world. The slot machine has a lot of fun extras and a chance to win a lot of money. Let’s get right down to business and check out the goods in our review of the Sumo Sumo slot machine.

Slot Machine Game Concept: Sumo Sumo


The overall aesthetic of the Sumo Sumo slot will appeal to fans of classic arcade beat ’em ups. The reels are located in a Japanese alleyway, complete with spray paint and dead fish. Fruit and sumo wrestlers share the reels on this slot machine. The latter appear to be lifted wholesale from a game like Streets of Rage or Street Fighter, a claim supported by the inclusion of some eerily familiar sound effects. In sum, the design is a lot of fun and successfully sets itself out.


Playing the Sumo Sumo Slot Machine

In the Sumo Sumo slot machine, ELK Studios has kept with the theme by making the game grid larger than usual. The slot machine has an unusually high number of win lines (259) thanks to its 5×5 grid.


The slot machine accepts bets as low as $0.20 and as high as $100. This is a respectable betting spread that should appeal to gamblers of varying financial means.

A Game of Sumo Sumo Slot on My Phone


The Sumo Sumo mobile slot was developed by ELK Studios, who succeeded in the difficult feat of condensing a Sumo wrestler. When ported to a smaller screen, the game retains all of its unique qualities and extra-large additional features. The slot is available at many of the best new online slot sites and works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.


Bonus Rounds in the Sumo Sumo Slot

The Sumo Sumo slot game has a number of fantastic slot bonuses designed to keep players engaged.


The Sumo Stacks and Respin Round is the most common initial one. A winning Sumo Symbol has the option of riding the back of another of its kind. A new spin will begin after this. The number of Sumo wrestlers will appear as a Wild on the Stacked Sumo Symbol.


The Stacked Sumo will go across the reels during the respin. They’ll keep going right until they reach the last reel, at which point they’ll reverse course. During the retry, additional Sumos may be stacked. You may also use the opposite-colored Sumo to begin a new stack. If a respin results in a loss, the bonus round will end and the Wild will vanish.


Two Wild Stumo Stacks on the same row will immediately begin fighting with one another. The winner will have their multiplier increased by the loser’s, creating a new, larger stack.


The Speedboat Bonus is a major feature of this slot machine. When a player gets three Bonus Symbols, they trigger this feature. The slot machine then shifts scenes to the waterfront, where a new set of 5×5 reels brings the action out of the alley and onto the pier.


It’s a function typical of collections. The player receives three free turns on the reels. The middle reel has a Sumo wrestler on a boat, who will pick up any symbols that fall within his field of vision. After he picks one up and relocates, he may do it again if other symbols appear in his field of vision.


During play, you may encounter four unique kinds of symbols. Most elementary is the Swimmer Sumo. When retrieved, the value it shows will be added to the total. One of the most practical is the Wakeboarder Sumo. It assists the speedboat initially, then rides along on its stern. After then, it will gather its own values, following the boat at all times from a point one place behind.


The value of the jackpot is increased by the multiplier shown on the Ramp Symbol. The Harpoonist has now arrived. The value of any uncollected swimmers will increase as a result.


Last but not least, there is a Bonus Spins Bonus Game. When a player gets two Scatter Symbols, this goes into motion. Wild Sumo Stacks appear during the round and remain on the reels until the round ends.


Thanks to the X-iter function, players in some countries may be able to pay a set price to have access to these additional rounds.

Sumo Sumo’s Return to Player, Highest Payout, and Volatility


Sumo Sumo has a reasonably sized jackpot for a slot machine. The maximum payout from this slot machine is 25,000 times the player’s wager. The slot is known for its extreme volatility. Return to player (RTP) is just 94%, which is a little low for the game.


Overview of the Sumo Sumo Slot

Sumo Sumo, developed by ELK Studios, is a fantastic example of an online slot game. This slot is completely functional. It has a great theme and style, and it’s packed with added features, so players will have a great time. Although the slot’s RTP is below average, the high volatility and generous maximum bet more than make up for it. Try your luck with this slot machine at one of our top-rated online casinos.

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